In 1986, or thereabouts, Bromley Council decided to move some of the memorials into the main St Giles churchyard. It is understood that they were concerned that they were hard to maintain and keep from vandalism where they stood.

Graves 2, 3 and 6 on the diagram see this page were moved into the St Giles churchyard. Bromley Council sold off 5 (the aeroplane monument) to a stone mason’s yard in Great Bedwyn, Wiltshire.

The base remains of 1 and 4 are still on the site although the blocks have been broken up. The top of 4 lies in two pieces embedded in the ground just north of the base.
Gravestone remains still in High Elms woodland   The Cross now in St. Giles churchyard   

The process by which this transfer took place is rather opaque – obscured by history one might say.  Bromley claim to have lost all correspondence relating to the matter and no one in the Lubbock family had any knowledge that it was happening at the time.

What has emerged since (in 2014) is that the Lubbock family still own the cemetery, a fact that at the time was not known to them.

The London Borough of Bromley have since tidied up the site. They have converted one of the graves into a rectangular railed off spot marking the approximate centre of the cemetery.

There were moves to create some more elaborate markers together with more detailed signage but these were eventually shelved – presumably for lack of funds.

 Lyulph Lubbock

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