This page is compiled from emails sent in after the website was launched, referencing this photograph of Farnborough (52nd Kent Battalio) Home Guard on parade at Locksbottom.

Home Guard Plaque - Locksbottom


I thought you might like to see this photo of the 52nd Battalion Home Guard that was based in Farnborough.   Their headquarters were in Farnborough Park in one of the houses as you entered the park from Crofton Road.
The only person I can identify is my Father Cecil Dowding who is the first person from the left.  My Father was very proud to be in the Home Guard as he was too old to be called up and this was something he could do.   

I was only a very little girl at the time so I can only remember fragments.   I do know his rifle used to live in the cupboard under the stairs alongside Mums ironing board!   The photograph was taken in Locksbottom outside what used to be Grenards the newspaper shop at that time.    

Mary Scullard  

Thank you for your work with the Farnborough Village History.  It’s proving very interesting for my family and myself having been born in Locksbottom and lived there for a number of years.  In fact my brother still lives there.  

My father was a member of the Home Guard, which I believe was the 52nd Kent Battalion Home Guard.  In the picture you have on your website I believe he, Lawrence George Abbott (known as Non or Nonnie), is the fourth from the left and was often used as a Despatch Rider.

Cherie Batty 

I was looking at your interesting website on Farnborough as I was researching my late father’s time in the Home Guard.  I was therefore very pleased to see a contribution by Mary Scullard about the Farnborough Home Guard with a photograph featuring her father in the line up.

My own father is in the centre, 5th from the right in the line up, and his name was Jimmy Cole. He completed his service in the Home Guard as Sergeant before qualifying as a doctor seeing active service with the 8th army in Italy. At the time of the photograph he was a medical student from Guys Hospital, which had  been evacuated after the bombing, and whilst completing his studies, volunteered for the local Home Guard. Many of them had motorbikes and used to carry out mobile patrols of Biggin Hill aerodrome and local area. He recalled keeping a box of Mills bombs, minus detonators, under his landlady’s stairs in Farnborough. Her name was Mrs Cunningham.

I would be interested if you had managed to identify any others in that line up.   Although we are not living in the area, now my wife is from Beckenham and we still have family living close by in Downe, and visit from time to time. I did not know which unit my father was serving in until reading your website so I am very grateful for that.  

Kevin Cole  

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