This short railway was to run as a branch from the new Shortlands to St. Mary Cray section of the main line, which was then under construction. It would run from a junction just beyond Bromley (South) station to Farnborough, terminating as with many of the other proposals, by the junction between the High Street and Tubbenden Lane. 

The main line at this stage is still refered to as the Mid Kent (Bromley to St. Mary Cray) Railway, and the act also refers to assuming powers attained in the earlier but now redundant West End of London and Crystal Palace (Farnborough Extension) Act. This is thought to be because the alignment at the Farnborough end was the same, with all that this implies re compulsory land purchase, work sites etc. even though the junction with the main line was now different. 

The diagrams show the intended route and the detailed map of the Farnborough terminus - note that for reasons unknown the latter is drawn 'upside down'.

The detailed plan shows the High Street still referred to as the 'Turnpike Road', It also clearly shows the absence of buildings in this part of the village at this time, apart from the George and Dragon Inn and Farnborough Hall.

The idea for this branch was dropped after the absorption of the Mid Kent company into the London Chatham and Dover in 1860.

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