In 1845 the South Eastern had only just completed their main line from London to Dover via Redhill. Nevertheless they felt compelled to produce this proposal for a second and more direct route, passing through Farnborough.

It must be remembered that at the time they were involved in disputes with the London and Brighton Railway, with whom they were sharing their main route down to Redhill,

In 1846 the London and Brighton Railway  was incorporated into the London Brighton and South Coast Railway and a year later published their own proposal for a route into Kent, also via Farnborough.

It can be seen from the diagrams below that the South Eastern proposal was very similar to its rival, taking a near identical route through the local area, crossing Tubbenden Lane about 100 metres from the main road through the village.

The first diagrams show the line passing through Bromley at about the location of the later Bromley South station, and then crossing Crofton Lane.

These diagrams show the route skirting Farnborough to the north, about where Farnborough bypass now runs, and passing through Green Street Green.

The South Eastern and London Brighton and South Coast settled their differences in 1849, which seems to have resulted in the withdrawal of both proposals.

The South Eastern main line was eventually built of course but not following the same route.  This is today's main line through Orpington which was completed in 1868.

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