This railway proposed in 1853 was similar to the West End of London and Crystal Palace Railway - Farnborough Extension proposal of the same year.  Its starting point was to be a junction with the London Bridge to Brighton main line near Sydenham where there was to be a new flying junction. There was also to be an onward link to the original part of the West End of London and Crystal Palace Railway at Lower Norwood for onward connections to the West.

The line was then to run through Beckenham and to the South of Bromley heading toward Farnborough. 

The alignment was slightly to the east of the rival West End of London proposal. It was to run further away from the centre of Farnborough Village, through Crofton, crossing Tubbenden Lane and Farnborough Hill en-route to a station at Green Street Green (see maps).

   The route through Farnborough Crossing Crofton Road    

    Crossing Tubbenden Lane near the
village, also Farnborough Hill
Through Green Street Green    

From Green Street Green the line would have continued along the alignment of the Hastings Road via what are called Halstead and Otford, although it does not go particularly close to either. The point of termination was proposed to be 'a field a short distance and to the southward of Twitton Farm House in the Parish of Otford'.

The last part of this proposed line follows the same route as today's main line, built by the South Eastern Railway and opened in 1868, and the line on the map stops at about the point where the later line enters Polehill Tunnel.  It is possible that the finance could not be identified to consider building the tunnel that would have been needed. The map hints at a junction at that point to two onward destinations, but there is no documentation to clarify what was intended.  It is also possible that this was not pursued any further due to the success of the rival proposal.
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